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Paranormal Solutions

PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS (under construction)

Welcome to Gregfolio.com’s Paranormal Solutions – your total resource for dealing with the paranormal and more. The information here requires a very open mind and it’s all highly speculative. I present several options for various belief systems and it’s basic enough for even atheists. Consider it mental exercises. There’s something here for everyone! The documentation here will be changing and growing, so be sure to check back for more important topics.

For those of you seeking a solution to PTSD or other types of emotional overload or looping, go directly to Immediate Solutions and Your Spiritual Shield, then go to DIY Removing Attached Entities and do the clearing technique for PTSD or anything seriously emotional.

Reality or Not

Although there is only a small amount of verifiable evidence to prove the existence of spirits, demons, and other types of evil entities, there is a rapidly growing body of evidence that absolutely proves the existence of other dimensions or realms, and of intelligent beings with negative intent. There are a few groups who have documented proof by using technology to detect and in some cases communicate with supposedly disembodied spirits and even evil itself. Television shows such as “The Dead Files” and “Ghost Adventures” reveal these facts using scientifically valid methods and equipment. Just because you may have never had a paranormal experience, doesn’t mean that other people’s experiences are all in their mind.

Are you experiencing activity in particular locations that cannot be logically explained? If you take time to study the free material presented here, and you keep an open mind about what reality really is all about, then you will have the skills necessary to not only protect yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, but to also protect your locations and everywhere and while you travel. Even if you aren’t experiencing classic paranormal activity, the personal shield and the clearing technique can help you tremendously.

To start you on this journey, I’m going to quote Albert Einstein: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit, a very persistent one.” Let’s see if it’s possible to bend reality to our benefit.

The Matrix

Imagine that physical reality is a three-dimensional energy matrix of layered fabric that is woven together and which makes up our entire reality. Although we’re considered separate from each other and objects, everything is its own matrix and connected to everything else. The universe is one giant matrix. Our galaxy is a matrix within the universe matrix. Our planet is a matrix within the solar system matrix. Each object and each person is a matrix. Some scientists have proposed that the physical universe is merely a hologram projection. I propose that it’s an atomic matrix of an elaborate “computer game”.

Any type of energy will leave its imprint in any of these matrices as a permanent recording. When you add in the aspect of time then you get energy imprints in any matrix that leave a trail of movements. Unfortunately for us, evil can manipulate and somewhat control these deposits of suspended energy, but I know ways to combat evil.

The Immediate Solutions found in each section is written in a non-denominational way. I encourage you to use phrases and words from your belief system to enhance the suggested dialogue script. For you atheists out there that are still here reading this, I suggest using a scientific approach and experiment with the concepts presented.


Immediate Solutions

The most important step for you to take is to protect yourself. There are several reasons why you might be susceptible to spiritual attack, and I address them all here. Again, keep an open mind about these processes I’ll describe. Imagine that reality is a serious computer game and you have full power over evil. The goal is to eject and reject all forms of evil and to escape the Matrix. Look at it as a computer game and it will be relatively easy for you to use my suggestions. My goal is to educate you enough to where you can do this all on your own and even show other people how to do these techniques. Give it all a try and see what happens!

Your Personal Shield

Activate your own personal shield by imagining it starting from the center of your being and expanding outward to a comfortable distance past your physical body about a foot or so out. As you become spiritually stronger, you can expand your shield out a little farther, but for now, know that it is effectively protecting you from evil entities. Mentally blow out your shield after every clearing and update your shield to prevent those particular types of trespasses and attacks from ever happening again. Know that if anything evil touches your personal shield, evil will be instantly destroyed. Your shield can also hide you from evil. My personal shield is set to full cloak-mode against evil and has been since 1994, just in case.

To determine whether or not that you might have telekinetic powers, update your shield right now to contain and block your powers from affecting yourself and your surroundings. Eventually, you can learn how to use your powers, but for now it’s better to keep yourself and others safe by shielding it all in. Keep it contained. If the paranormal activity around you ceases, then you’re all done as far as hauntings go. Problem solved. Seek ways to channel your energies in productive and safe ways. If activity continues, then please continue reading:

Dealing With a Haunting

Be sure to claim and activate your spiritual shield as described above!

No matter where you live, it’s safe to assume that at some point in the history of the structure (or even the land), that evil was conjured to the location. An event as simple as having a seance or chanting into a mirror or using black magic or using an Ouija board can create access points for evil. Children can be easily convinced to let their “new” best friend in. Evil entities have to be invited in.

Step 1 – Eliminate Entry Points

The first thing I recommend that you do on a spiritual level is to close and seal ALL paranormal PORTALS, ENTRANCES, and PATHWAYS in the house and on the property, and then block and shield against ALL PORTALS, ENTRANCES, and PATHWAYS associated to the home and property. Set up a spiritual shield that blows out these types of access points and annihilates current and pending access points. It helps to repeat things at least three times and it is better to say these commands out-loud.

Say something similar to: “I command that all openings, all portals, all entrances and all pathways to be permanently closed, sealed, and canceled. From the center of this house and property outward, a permanent shield is now in place to block everything evil and negative. So be it.”

Be sure to add anything from your beliefs that help you focus and to feel good about what you are doing here. If it helps, move your hands in sweeping or chopping motions, both horizontally and vertically as you imagine stuff clearing out.

Luke 10:19 “Behold I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy — and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

We have the power over all evil to command it, to gag it, to bind it with true eternal chains, and to cast it out and into the true eternal flames. If you simply cast something out, it will try to return, so be specific and you won’t have a repeat infestation. It’s okay to annihilate evil. Evil deserves to be destroyed.

Step 2 – Eliminate Evil

Get rid of the evil in all its forms by saying, “I bind and gag all evil and cast it all into the true eternal flames to be consumed and annihilated instantly. So be it.” Repeat this several times (at least three) in all locations. Be sure to add wording and references from your particular beliefs.

I use the word “true” to qualify statements and to close loop-holes. Evil takes advantage of loop-holes to deceive and corrupt us. It wants to take on the persona of saints, angels, and even the one and only true source, the one and only true El – who I call True Papa. If evil is real, then God is probably real too. Indications from paranormal research indicates that evil hates and even fears the true Emanuel (name translates to “With us is El=God”). Remember, keep an open mind.

Step 3 – Shield and Clear

Use the shield you set up to clear out the matrix of the house and the matrix of the property above and below. This will clear out all negative residual energy that has lodged itself into each matrix. It will also destroy any evil matrices that exist. Imagine a huge blast of positive spiritual energy start from the center of the dwelling, expanding and filling the entire space out to the property line. You can imagine this energy as a fire that destroys the evil and pushes out anything else – such as negative dead people, demons, poltergeists, shape-shifters, skin-walkers, elementals, and shadow beings.

State, “These shields completely eject and block ALL types of evil.”

Step 4 – Help the Dead

Now that the house and property matrices are cleansed, it is time to completely move trapped people to the other side. Try saying something like, “You’re dead. It’s time to move on to the next life. Pass over into the true light. There is nothing here in this dwelling for you anymore. All your connections to this place are dissolved and neutralized. Everything tying you to this place is gone. You are free now to move forward. Go in peace and love. So be it.”

Do this for each room with any activity, or at least say it out loud enough to be heard in all places, including basements and attics. Also say these commands outside over the property and building.

If a trapped soul fights or resists leaving, then it may be necessary to bind and cast them out and update the property shield to block their return. Send them to true source and let the one-and-only true God deal with them.

Jumps, Possessions & Attachments

If you’ve tried all the above steps, including the most important one of establishing your personal shield, and you still have activity around you affecting you in a negative way, then you might consider the possibility that you have an evil entity that has taken up residency within your physical body – better known as a demonic possession. Spirits within you can cause activity nearby you. Typically, they cause negative thoughts, pains, and illnesses, and even influence your emotions and behaviors. Possession is usually demonic but some deceased people can learn how to step into or jump into living people. Jumps are usually temporary but they can lead to outright possession and control.

Attachments are different from possessions in that with attachments, the entity is connected directly to your spirit body. Jumps and possessions are simply taking place in your spirit and physical body.

Exorcism is one way to remove possessing demons or attached entities, or you can try an easy technique I developed with the help of True Papa. The Emotion Interrupt Technique, or EIT, uses the electrical system of the body, and the acupressure points on the front of the body, combined with specific hand placement and movements, to not only interrupt looping emotion, but it also has the power to eject/cast out possessing or attached demons.

Here’s the link to the EIT in a portable document format (PDF): Emotion Interrupt Technique. This EIT document deals with scenarios that most people have hard-wired into their physical systems. Of course, I encourage you to do the entire list of scenarios, but at least do the first ten steps. The important thing in all this is to get the hand positioning and movements memorized so that you can perform the clearing to remove attached entities.

DIY Removing Attached Entities

For a more detailed description of this technique, read the first part of the EIT.

The nerve endings in the front of your body are a direct interface to your organs and mind. Acupuncture and acupressure use these nerve endings to stimulate healing in your body. We’ll use it here to actually remove attached or possessing entities/demons. Know for sure that this technique works yet it is very simple to do. There’s no need to have a conversation with any demons, just bind, gag, eject, and cast into the eternal flames. Imagine the entity as an ember in the air, burning up completely.

Hand Placement & Movements

To start the first pass, place your left hand on top of your head and place your right hand on top of your left hand. With your hands together like this, move them to your forehead, down your face, down your neck to the top of your chest, then move your hands to your left shoulder, then across to your right shoulder, then drop a little and zigzag across the front of your body, moving down a little each time. Move your hand combo as far down as you can reach to the top of your thighs, then zigzag back up the front of your body to your neck, then up the neck and face back to the top of your head. While doing this, slight vibrations are happening along your spine, helping to release whatever it is that you’re clearing out.

Now switch hands and do the second pass — right hand on top of your head and left hand on top of your right hand, and do the same trace as above, hands to forehead, face, neck, left shoulder to right shoulder, then zigzag down and across the front of your body as far down as you can reach, then zigzag back up back to the top of your head.

That’s the entire technique to do for anything I recommend clearing. Your first clearing listed next is the most important thing to clear and should be done first and now to reduce entity resistance. If you wait, this entity will try anything to convince you that this is ridiculous and to drop the idea of trying this. It’s goal is to remain attached to you and to continue to wreak havoc in your life.

The Anti-You

Everyone has this attached entity, and once it realizes that you know that it’s there, it will resist being removed. I highly recommend that you clear it out immediately.

Say “I bind and gag the anti-me and cast the anti-me out and into the eternal flames to be annihilated instantly. So be it.” Repeat this over and over as you do the clearing technique (described above). If you come to an area on your body where you feel chills, or warmth, or vibrations, or anything strange, feel free to pause the hand movements over the area while still moving your body. The idea is to produce vibrations along your spine as you do this technique.

Clear All Entities

Now it’s time to hunt down and clear out all other entities attached to you or possessing you. No matter how “safe” an entity seems to you, all entities are up to no good, and need to be removed as soon as possible. If you’re prone to mood swings or unexplainable thoughts that scare you, it’s probably entity related.

If you have recurring negative thoughts, pains or illnesses, assume that each situation is entity related. It’s not necessary to know what the original event was about or when it happened. Just know that whatever the original event was, you’re clearing out the entity that was attached to you back then. Just say something similar to, “I’m clearing the original event when this entity was attached to me. I bind, gag, and cast out this entity into the eternal flames. So be it. So be it. So be it.” Repeat this while you do the clearing technique described above and be sure to add qualifiers from your beliefs, for example: “In the true name of the true Christ”.

I’ve worked with about 30 people so far, helping to identify entities and instructing these clients through the clearing technique to remove and annihilate these demons. We can pick up attachments in the dream-state, while watching movies, or simply being receptive to evil. In some cases, entities can be attached during a ritual and it usually involves intoxicating the person receiving the attachment. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the original event was for you, just know that the entities are being cleared completely. If you leave off the eternal flames part, persistent entities will return and try anything to re-attach. Bind, gag, cast to true eternal flames – and instantly annihilate ALL evil.

Here’s a list of the type of entity scenarios I’ve seen:

Right-Hand Man — Entity attached directly to the right lower arm, pretending to be the person’s most trusted confidant. I’ve seen a photograph that a guy took of his grandfather sitting at his computer but asleep. The guy had heard voices coming from his grandfather’s office, looked in and saw him asleep, so he snapped the picture. Looking at the resulting image revealed what looked like a small, narrow, puff of smoke or cloud coming up from grandpa’s right arm, about the length of his forearm. I instantly recognized it as an attached entity.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head — Seems like a good idea to have someone watching your back, eh? Not a good idea in this context. Entities aggravate each other in an effort to aggravate you. If this type of entity rings true to your mental situation, then it’s time to dump it permanently.

Wings — Wouldn’t that be nice if only they were beneficial to the host! Several people I’ve seen with this type of entity, the wings were broken stubs but presented to the host’s subconscious mind as fully functional spiritual wings. What we wish for manifests in the spiritual realm but can be hijacked by entities with the goal of getting attached to the unsuspecting host. Clear both wing-entities at the same time.

Reproductive System — Various entity types range from causing cycle irregularities to pregnancy difficulties to sex issues. If anything rings a bell for you, assume it’s an entity and clear it on the spot. There might be other single issues to clear, so stay tuned to your intuition on what entity is next to clear.

Circulatory System — Microscopic entities flooding the blood causing dysfunction. Clear ALL of these blood entities at once.

Lymphatic System — Microscopic entities flooding and negatively affecting lymph-nodes and vessels. Clear ALL entities at once.

Elimination — I’ve witnessed a few people after a lifetime of being irregular become completely regular after exorcising entities out of their large intestines.

Every organ of the body can be a target for attachment, especially the heart (love), liver (anger), kidneys (fear), lungs (grief), and reproductive organs.

Clear Out Phobias

Any phobia can be diminished greatly by using the EIT clearing process. Say this while doing the EIT: “I’m clearing the original event associated to this phobia of heights (for example).” This will at least stop your mind from looping through the intense fear.


Information Resources

Types of Hauntings

Stubborn spirits

People that feel the need for closure or the need to warn the living, or even have a strong emotional attachment to anyone or anything, anchoring them to this physical existence. People who refuse to move on are limiting the positive progression of their souls. In some cases, a spirit may want revenge for their death at the hands of others. For some stubborn spirits it’s a mental derangement that makes these people stubborn. Some are dangerous to the living, especially if they realize that they can physically affect the living and drain off their physical energy and spiritual life-force. Mentally deranged spirits can cause living people to feel their derangement, physical pain, sickness, and even the events of their death and even cause death to the living.

Trapped spirits

People who don’t know that their biological body has died. In some cases, a quick and unexpected death may result in a person not realizing that they are actually dead. A task-driven person’s strong focus on completing certain work can anchor a person here. A person can also trap themselves by denying their death. Being strongly attached to a location or living people can trap spirits. Believe it or not, black magic spells can trap a deceased person. A strong emotional connection you had with someone can trap them here as well. It’s hard to lose a loved one, but you need to mentally let them go after they’ve died.

The energy of the person that is recorded in any matrix can be used by evil to appear as the dead person. This is usually done to garner trust by the living, and later on, the evil entity will attack those that have been deceived.

Energy Residual

This is energy embedded or recorded in the particular matrix in which it was absorbed. The images and the actions, including voices and other sounds, can be detected as repetitive events, but the person or people who left the energy are completely gone. Typically, this is a non-interactive recording in that communication with the images is impossible. Evil entities can use residual energy to take on the look, personality and voice of whomever left the energy behind.

Spirit Residual

At different points after passing on, a disembodied spirit may return to or be drawn to a location where a significant event took place. All it takes are emotions to anchor a person to a certain location or event.


Wherever there’s a trapped spirit, there are demons. Evil entities seek out trapped spirits in an effort to torture them mentally and to take them to the dark side. We can help trapped spirits to pass completely over to the True Papa realm and let God deal with them. Entities go straight to the eternal flames and instant annihilation.

Portals and Intrusions

Many things can cause spiritual portals to be opened, including the most notorious item – the Ouija board, plus any item that has had a spell or curse cast upon it. Even spell-casting itself will open up portals, including chants and rituals. Simply inviting an entity or a deceased relative or friend to your location will allow anything evil to use the portal that is created by the request.


My Real-Life Examples


Modern Technology Conjures Evil

My friend was showing my older sister a video on her phone of her friend’s dog frantically chasing orbs of light. As they watched the orb go from left to right, it actually flew out of the phone in the same trajectory! Both my friend and my sister were completely shocked. The word from True Papa was that all new recording technology from 2013 onward has the ability to conjure up evil and transfer it to the devices location when being viewed. Protect these devices from this happening by setting up shields and completely blocking this type of transfer, especially for your phone and computers.

Be Stronger Than the Devil

When I was 5 years old, my family moved to Alhambra California and into an older house. My first time in the home, I could sense that there was something creepy about it, especially upstairs. I told my mother that I didn’t like the place but I didn’t have a specific reason why so she tried to convince me everything was okay. One night shortly after that, I told my mom I thought that the devil was upstairs in my two sisters’ room. I could sense something up there but had not seen anything. She told me to be stronger than the devil. For some odd reason and totally out of character for me, I took her suggestion and went up to the dark room and started acting as if I was chasing the devil around the room, slugging and kicking the air as if I was really giving the devil a serious beating. The interesting result was that I was never afraid of the dark after that.

Back in 1994 while working with Kristine on a spiritual project which started as clearing stuff out and then it turned into a campaign to annihilate evil, I realized the truth about my childhood experience. I remembered my episode at 5 years old, beating up the devil, and I intuitively realized that the devil in the Alhambra house was a very bad, evil-minded adult male that had died in the house in that room. I was told that my shadow boxing was inspired by True Papa as he directed me straight to the invisible ghost, connecting every punch and kick causing actual pain to this male spirit. He fled the house in fear, never to return. I look back at it now and it’s hilarious – a 5 year-old kicking ass on an old ghost guy.

This exercise can boost a child’s or even an adult’s confidence and ability to deal with fear. If you do have anyone try this, preparation is better than placing them in a dark room right off. Tell them that they have the power to absolutely destroy evil and there’s nothing in the dark that can hurt them. Definitely have them create their own personal shield first and then when they’re ready, have them practice a few punches and kicks, then let them go into the dark room alone, telling them that anything evil will fear them. Afterward, impress upon them that this exercise is to be directed at evil spirits only, and at all other times they can use it to protect all members of the family, especially younger siblings.

PSA Flight 182 & North Park

On Monday, September 25, 1978, shortly after 9 am, PSA Flight 182 collided with a small plane on approach to San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field and both crashed into a North Park neighborhood. 144 people lost their lives.

Not long after that horrific accident, a co-worker reported that every morning she would hear a strip of bells ring that were hanging on the interior doorknob of the apartment front door. She assumed that it was her boyfriend returning, but when she got up and checked, no one was there — inside or outside. When I heard this, in my mind I saw a young girl reaching for the doorknob, brushing the bells in an effort to exit the apartment. I asked the co-worker how far away did she live from the Flight 182 crash site. She replied that it was only a few blocks away. Assuming it was a lost spirit from that event, I suggested to the co-worker to say this the next time the bells rang: “You’re dead. It’s time to move on to the next life.” She tried it and never heard the bells again.

Sometimes simple sentences like that are enough to free a trapped or lost spirit. Definitely add anything else to the wording to help them move on. Just be aware that a trapped spirit may not have the same beliefs as you.

First & Second Ghost Experiences

When I was 3 years old living in Galesburg Illinois I saw my first ghostly apparition. One night I woke up, raised my head and looked toward the end of the bed and open doorway. Across the adjacent room I saw an older male down on one knee, moving his arms while looking directly at me. The apparition was somewhat transparent and shimmering in a glowing light. I went into panic mode and pulled the covers over my head and screamed, waking my mother up. The next day I tried explaining what I saw but my parents passed it off as a dream. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was not a topic I should bring up.

Several days later I was with my older brother near an apartment building not far from where we lived. There was a big open space in the center behind the buildings making up the neighborhood block and we were near the outskirts of that open field. As my brother was playing with his friend about 20 feet to my right, I looked up and saw an older girl sitting on the wall in front of me. She looked to be about 10 years-old. She smiled at me and I said something to her and my brother asked me, “Greg, what are you doing?” I turned to look at him and probably replied, “Nothing.” I looked back and the girl was gone. I scanned the area but didn’t see her anywhere. I asked my brother, “Who was that girl?” He replied, “What girl?” Like the ghost experience I had a few days prior, I realized that this occurrence was something I couldn’t talk about with my family, and I shut up. What perplexed me the most was she was a solid-body apparition and I first thought that she was a living person.

A few days prior to my first ghostly visit, Richard, a neighbor friend to my parents had visited with his children. He showed me and my older sister a small leather pouch that contained a bat wing, rocks, and other items. He had me touch the bat wing.

In 1993 I found out from a psychic that someone had done something to my back when I was very young. At the time she said this, I couldn’t remember anything unusual happening from my past. A few hours later, the memory event of Richard showing us the bat wing popped in my mind, and then a memory came to me that I had never pulled up before. I was sitting at the kitchen table. All the lights were off. Richard gave me something awful to drink and I felt drugged and almost completely out of it. My older brother walked in and Richard told him to leave because he was disciplining me. The next thing I remember was waking up on my stomach in a candle-lit room. I looked up to my left and saw Richard doing something to my younger brother in his crib. Richard noticed me waking up and pushed me down and told me to go back to sleep. It felt as if someone was pushing their knuckles into my back, making my muscles tense up. Shocked at the memory, a flood of intuitive thoughts came to me, courtesy of True Papa:

Richard wanted my mother because his marriage was failing (confirmed later by my dad). He convinced my parents to go out and have fun and he’d baby-sit. His intention was to use me and my brother to drive a rift between my parents, and then he would swoop in and take my mom. To do this, he performed a voodoo-type ritual on me and my younger brother. The leather pouch and contents that he showed me were for performing spells and making me aware of it all was the first step in casting the spell. Little did Richard know that when he touched my back with the bat wing, it actually attached an evil entity to me. Growing up, I could never sleep on my stomach else I would have nightmares of a creature jumping on my back and digging their knuckles in hard. True Papa gave me a clear glimpse in my mind of this evil entity. During the spiritual project in 1994 with Kristine, when I finally realized that the emotion clearing technique could actually remove attached entities, that evil bat was the first to be removed and annihilated.

Sometime after that during the project, Kristine asked me if I remembered something unusual from my childhood. That’s all she said. Just then the memory of briefly meeting that 10 year-old girl spirit when I was 3, popped in my mind and the intuitive information shocked me as I asked, “That was you, wasn’t it?!” She nodded her head, yes. She was 10 when she was hit by a vehicle and killed. True Papa brought her to me because he knew Richard’s black-magic ritual dabbling had opened up my abilities to detect the paranormal. Years later, Kris was incarnated and we were both destined to meet again to do the Project in 1994.

1994 – Turning Back to True Papa

In 1978 a band came on the scene simply named “1994” with the same name for their first record album. Lead vocalist Karen Lawrence was a strong singer with an incredible vocal range and the band quickly become my favorite. I also had a teenage crush on Karen Lawrence which was amplified when their second album came out in 1979, giving a better album cover view of her. One day while listening to 1994 in a friend’s garage, his older brother asked me if I thought we were headed toward what George Orwell wrote about in his novel “1984”. I thought that we had bypassed that route (ha!), and then added, “I get a strong sense that something really huge is going to happen in 1994 — something world changing.” I had no idea back then that Papa was hinting about the Project that Kristine and I started in 1994.

By the way, the final stage of the Project is about to happen — which is the annihilation of incarnated evil.

Saint Thunder Bear

Here’s a link to a poem and short essay I wrote about my paranormal experience with my best buddy: Saint Thunder Bear.

Wraith Assassin Annihilated

Here’s a link to an essay I wrote about my paranormal experience with an evil assassin: Wraith Assassin Annihilated.

Prowling Entity Annihilated

Here’s a link to an essay I wrote about my paranormal experience with an evil entity prowling the freeways: Prowling Entity Annihilated.


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