Previously Unknown Leonardo da Vinci Painting Found

The whole time this rescued tree trunk was sitting on my patio, I was thinking the wide part would be the bottom and I would add a separate top, so I flattened the ‘bottom’ rough and then concentrated on the ‘tops’ of the two trunks. However, when I was spraying the wide part, the Thompson’s Water Seal brought out previously unseen multi-colored detail that looked awesomely similar to a Leonardo da Vinci painting! When I decided to make the wide part the table top, the whole thing now looks like two posed legs! All I need is a base that look like Indian feet in sandals or something similar to feet standing in a stream.

I’d grow a grove of these trees just for the wood.

It’s a European White (or silver) Birch with gnarled-type dark bark intermixed with smooth whitish surface bark. It was growing near my condo building and the tree guys were there trimming everything but completely cutting that particular tree down. I saw that trunk and the two upper parts of the trunks and grabbed all three just for the look of the bark, but wound up trashing the two upper parts later to free up patio space. I would now have loved to split the upper trunks into planks and test for the same type of detailing. Although birch flooring is beautiful, I would love to see hardwood floors made with this preparation manner with the sealer. I think the Thompson’s water seal did something unique to the minerals or fungus remnants (spalting) in the wood since it developed within a few seconds after spraying.