Saint Thunder Bear

Saint Thunder Bear

Nov 2005 – Nov 2016

© 2016 Greg DiMase
December 05 2016 (# 157)

I wear my halo
A bit to the side
Don’t underestimate me
While I echo through the sky

Because I’m a thunder kitty
I’m a thunder boo
Thunder Bear’s my name
And I’m coming after you

I protect this palace
I patrol this place
Samurai warrior
And I’m up in your face

I got my halo
Early that night
My daddy promoted me
Now I win every fight

Yes, I’m a thunder kitty
Thunder Boo
Thunder Bear’s my name
It’s time to hunt you

You think you’re protected
You think you’re safe
No entity can hide
I see the evil in your face

Because I’m Thunder Kitty
I’m Thunder Boo
Thunder Bear’s my name
And I’m coming after YOU!


Several years ago, I was sitting at this very spot when I saw Thunder Bear off to my right on the floor intently looking at something at the top of a stacked pile of renovation materials and tools. He was stalking something and he carefully climbed up onto the travertine tiles and then onto some tool cases and disappeared behind the corner of the entertainment console. I turned back to the computer and continued what I was doing. Just then, I heard some noise and I looked over to see Thunder Bear kind of sliding back and falling a bit, as if he had been stunned. Confused, I went over to him to make sure he wasn’t hurt and he seemed fine except he just sat there for a few seconds. I didn’t see anything in the area that would have caused his behavior and the subsequent fall. Then I caught a glimpse in my mind of what he went after. It was a little evil fucker about a foot tall and it was still perched there at the high point. It had taken a swipe at Thunder Bear and its evil-spirit-claws passed through kitty’s forehead, stunning him slightly.

I immediately requested an updated True-Papa shield blow-out to annihilate the demon and anything else in and/or near my apartment, and to continually block this type of attack and trespass.


“Daddy, why did you name me Thunder Bear?”

“It’s because you had a very loud purr, and your father’s name was Panda Bear, so a thunderous purr and a kitten fuzzy bear gave a name with a Native American flair.”