Prowling Entity Annihilated Nov-20-2016

Prowling Entity Annihilated Nov-20-2016

© November 20 2016 Greg DiMase

Mid-morning, I was driving North on Highway 163 and merged onto the 15 North. Approximately 300 feet later I heard what I thought was something hitting my roof lightly, like a small piece of cardboard or other debris. I had not seen anything in the air prior to the sound or after as I glanced in my rear-view mirror. I passed it off as something moving in my trunk even though the sound seemed to come from directly above. Just then the guy to my right started to cross the line between us and I honked my horn and he pulled back into his lane. A quarter-mile later someone else did the same thing. I thought it was an odd coincidence and put in a request for clear, smooth passage. Nothing else happened during the 30 minute trip.

When I arrived to my friend’s place I parked across the street as usual and glanced over at her house. Two seconds later she stepped out to her driveway and called my name in a perplexed way. “Greg?”

I replied, “Hey, what’s up?”

She said, “Did you just ring my doorbell?”

Confused, I answered, “No. I just now pulled up. I didn’t see anyone walking away either.”

She explained that she was sitting on her couch, the bell rang and she got up, expecting to see me at her door. I passed it off as an odd circumstance.

About an hour later as she was preparing the meal, she realized that the mushrooms had gone bad, so I volunteered to run to the store. I was probably gone 30 to 40 minutes and when I was pulling out of the store parking lot making a right turn, an idiot coming from my right was in my lane to make a left turn into the store lot and I hit the brakes just in time to avert an accident.

Arriving back, I parked across from my friend’s house. I got out of my car and heard her say my name again, but with a bit more concerned tone.

My reply matched her tone, “What now?”

“Did you just now ring my doorbell?”

“No! Seriously, I just pulled up!” Now I was even more concerned. “I’m going to have to ask” – referring to me querying via my intuition channel with whom I refer to as True Papa.

I brought the mushrooms in and then returned to exit out the front door while meditating on the answer to the strange coincidence of my arrival and the bell ringing.

The memory of my original drive up and that sound on my roof flashed in my mind, and then an image popped in my mind of a twenty-foot tall creature towering over my car. An instant explanation came to me. I had picked up something evil that had been prowling the highway, looking to cause accidents. This parasite would temporarily latch onto a vehicle, searching for someone with whom it could influence or distract enough to make a bad driving choice, cause an accident, and then feed off of the ensuing negative emotions of all victims.

It could also reach over to other susceptible drivers and influence mental focus and decision making to fail.

According to True Papa, he caused this creature to try my car, and to be snared in his spirit-shield surrounding my vehicle. The evil entity couldn’t free itself or influence me at all but it could reach my friend’s doorbell, where it tried to get her to verbally invite ‘whomever’ to enter — hoping to free itself from Papa’s snare. Luckily, she did not reply at all and simply came to the door. When I saw the image of this tendril-entity on my car, I immediately bound-cast it into the pit and eternal, annihilating flame of True Papa’s spirit * — which was exactly what he wanted.


Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”


I encourage everyone — regardless of your beliefs — to use the following statements or reword them to support your belief system. Using the word ‘true’ eliminates all loopholes.

* “I bind you with true eternal chains, and cast you into the true eternal pit and into the true eternal lake of fire to be consumed immediately — In the true name of the one-and-only true creator. So be it.”