Emotion Interrupt Technique

Emotion Interrupt Technique


Use your body to interface with your mind and release a lifetime of emotions!

If this is the placebo effect, it’s the most dramatic effect I’ve seen, having witnessed many people lose years of physical and emotional pain in a few seconds!


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The Three Pillars of Health

Physical, Bio-chemical, and Emotional-mental components make up the entire human spectrum of health. All three of these pillars should be addressed when healing and optimizing the entire human system. These three aspects of functional human health affect each other, so only addressing one pillar may not allow for full recovery or for full optimization of the body and mind. Stress in either aspect can adversely affect the other two aspects. Every stressful event we experience involves all three of these areas of health to varying degrees. Thoughts and decisions are driven by our emotions so addressing this third area of health is important in conjunction with the other two pillars of human health.


The Physical Pillar is everything about the structure of the body, from nerves to tissues to muscles to organs to the entire skeleton, and from each individual cell to the overall structure of the human body as a whole. Stress and injuries to the physical, such as trauma, muscle tension, spinal misalignment, nerve damage, bone breaks, and wounds trigger chemical reactions throughout the body and put varying degrees of stress on the mind.


The Bio-Chemical Pillar references everything on a molecular and atomic level that is necessary for the body to operate properly. This includes electricity, pH-balances, necessary chemicals, minerals, vitamins, water ratios, fluids, and how the body reacts to these elements or to the lack of these elements. For example, if you are not getting enough calcium in your diet, your body will take what it needs from your bones, thus weakening the physical structure. Calcium is also important for the nervous system and proper brain-mind functioning.


The Emotion Interrupt Technique (EIT) presented here deals with the Emotional-Mental Pillar of human health. Thoughts and emotions directly affect the physical and the bio-chemical, so addressing this third pillar can greatly enhance the healing process and also help balance the entire system. Brain-nerve functions and thoughts are electrical and chemical events. Mental stress and negative emotions trigger chemical changes in the body while depleting other nutrients and increasing toxins in the blood, fluids, and tissues. All this can cause physical tension and the accumulation and repetition over time will actually shorten your life.

The EIT engages nerve stimuli and thoughts in a unique way, helping to bring the electrical nervous system and mind to smooth, free-flowing states. A relaxed and smoothly functioning mind translates to a more comfortable body and balanced bio-chemical states.