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A Rainbow in the Dark

07-16-1983 (#71)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

A midnight time
I went flying
Across the great divide
And in my mind
Someone was crying
Someone from the other side

Where is the light?
I saw a rainbow in the dark
It glowed there in my room
It stayed and made a mark
Mark in my heart
Mark in my life
Vibrant colors
You give me such insight

A midday time
I went sailing
Into the great unknown
And in my mind
Someone was saying
The truth will soon be shown

Where is the way?
I saw a path there in the dark
The rainbow beckoned to me
I knew I’d have to make a start
Start up my heart
Start up my life
Vibrant colors
You give me such insight

A midlife time
I went rocketing
Up into a great new life
And in my mind
I was sighing
I knew now I was getting it right


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