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07-06-1983 (#63)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Slinking through the night
Always on the prowl
Feline instinctiveness
Feline night owl

Cats are independent
Cats are so cool
You can never really own them
If you think that, you’re a fool

Purring all day
Purring all night
You’ll be a friend forever
If you know how to pet them right

Cats own you
Cats know what to do
To get you to do things for them
They know exactly what to do

They’ll flick their tails
They’ll blink their eyes
They’ll rub up and down your leg
They’ll give you cat sighs

Purring all day
Purring all night
You’ll be a friend forever
If you know how to rub them right


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