© 1983 Greg DiMase

[Dedicated to the last crew of Challenger]
02-02-1986 (#115)
© 1986 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

There’s no such thing as death
There is only change
A thought
A breath
Only to rearrange

You reach for the stars
You reach for your space
A strange reawakening
To put you in your place

A bold attempt
You reached for a dream
You made a mark in our lives
It’s not what it seemed

Challenge the unknown
Challenge the stars
Will it be shown?

Reason for passing
Passing the unknown
Passing in the sky
Your spirits have flown

It seemed like a death
It was only a change
A change in our lives
It left us to rearrange

Rearrange our thoughts
Rearrange our dreams
Your passing was climactic
Does it fit into the scheme?

Challenged the unknown
Challenged a dream
Your courage was shown

A challenge in your life
Only you can ever know
On the edge of progress
Maybe in the future we’ll know

There’s no such thing as death
It’s only a change
Time to move on
Time to rearrange