07-2-1984 (#103)
© 1984 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

With an upward thrust
I launch my soul
Through the outer crust
Through the open hole

Burning on the loose
Screaming through the wilds
I got free from the noose
I’m a brand new child

I use to be separate
From everything I saw
Now it’s all connected
Now I have it all

Turning on the loose
Dreaming up the miles
I get whatever I choose
Any shape, form, or style

Flowing down the river
Scootin’ around the bend
Flying over the hills now
It will never end

Flowing across the street
Burning up the sky
My spirit is on the loose now
It will never die

Flowing together now
Let us wait and see
A brand new future now
It’s for you
It’s for me