Control of Destiny

07-12-1983 (#69)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I really like the way
That my life is going
It’s been a test
Like the rest
I can bet

And every day
I have been showing
I can do the test
At my best
Like the rest

Control of destiny
Control of life
Control of circumstances
Living a full life

Mediocre living
Is far in the past
Mediocre meaning
It left me fast

Turn everything positive
Negatives will get you
Any day
In any way
Hear what I say

Make everything constructive
Give the attention that’s due
Start a new day
In every way
Then you’ll say

Control of destiny
Control of living
Controlling the outcome
Live to be living

Mediocre meaning
Is gone in the past
Full fledged committing
I know it can last