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Creative Gun

12-04-1987 (#120)
© 1987 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Up is down
In an infinitesimal world
All the way is round
In a completely creative world

To the top
Of the world
In an infinite situation
On the bottom of the heap
In a fully personal exaltation

Complete the circle
Forever on the run
Body of the mind
A completely creative gun

Kill the old way
Kill the son
In a desperate situation
Kill the infinite run

Run away
To the far side of the sun
Run away
Killed by a creative gun

Point it over here
Spray the sun
Touch myself
Touch the creative gun

Reactive responsive
A rule of the game to “live”
Reactive oppression
Nothing left to give

Killed by a creative gun
Spurred on by a creative sun
How much fun?
Oh, so much fun
Such fun
Such fun
A creative gun
A creative sun
You are my son
The creative gun

Kill the old way
Kill the run
In an infinite situation
Create the creative sun


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