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07-22-1983 (#81)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

“Take one.”
Captured on film
Main attraction
Starring in a film
New sensation
A new face
No recollection
Of any race
“Cut. A little more feeling please.”

“Take five.”
Wake up in the morning
Have to be at the set by six
You’re running your body ragged
It’s a wonder you’re not sick
“Cut. Let’s do it again.”

“Take twenty-five.”
Captured for life
Main contraction
It’s a crazy life
One more take
And I’m going to scream
It’s hard to fake
When you’re living in a dream

“Take sixty-nine.”
Wake up in the morning
Have to be at the set by five
You can tell the producer
To take a running dive
“Cut. It’s a take. Okay, folks, we’re finished for the day.
See you tomorrow morning at four-thirty.”


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