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(Compare With the Old)
07-24-1983 (#88)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Caught on the film
Of your mind
All of the events
Of your life

You always return
To see it again
That one last show
Because you’re the star again

Compare the new with the old
It’s rare
Rare if you ever let go
You’ll dare
Dare to be bold
It’s a snare
When you compare with the old

Take a new chance
Follow a new thought
All that you want now
Is easily bought

You buy from within
It shows from without
All that you are
Is all that you’re about

Compare to learn
It’s a beautiful way
To learn
Learn it for keeps
In your own unique way
Dare to be bold
Be brave in any way
Hold onto life
In every way


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