Dawn’s Early Light

(Physical Rainbow)
12-16-1984 (#105)
© 1984 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Somebody changes
Or somebody sees a light
A different rearranging
For the rest of your life

And when you turn
To step back into the night
What was it that you learned
Back there in your life?

Oh, say can you see
By the dawn’s early light?
A strange reawakening
From back in your life

And when you turn
To face this new light
What is it that you’ll learn
Up ahead in your life?

Whatever you look for
Whatever your type
Look, maybe forever
You’re bound to get it right

Whatever you wish for
Whatever you like
Will you let yourself have them
Any time in this life?

Dawn’s early light
Creeps through the window
Falls gently upon the floor
Whispers softly
Of remembrances
Opportunity at the door

Let the light in
It nurtures the life
A physical rainbow
Feeding life
To the night