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© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-10-1983 (#28)

What does it mean to you
This thing called death?
It’ll turn you blue
It’ll stop your breath

Down in the ground
You’ll be put some day
Down without a sound
You’ll have nothing to say

But is it the end?
Maybe you’ll know
After the end
Will you have something to show?

Death will get you
Death is always there
Death will surprise you
Out of thin air
In the night
Any time of day
What have you left behind?
Is it all okay?

What does it mean to you
That maybe you’ll die?
Do you ever wonder
When you look into the sky?
What am I doing here?
Where will I go?
When I leave this place
Will I have something to show?

Death will get you
It’s there all the time
Death will scare you
It’s not a nursery rhyme
It can be tragic
It can be hell
It can be black magic
It’ll leave a bad smell

What does it mean to you?
Will we survive?
How long will we be able to
Stay on the big ride?

If I told you
We may live on and on
Would you believe me?
Would you still hold on?


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