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Dream the Impossible Dream

07-28-1989 (#132)
© 1989 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Dream the impossible dream
Don’t settle for less
What pattern are you in?
Are you dressed for success?

Dream the impossible dream
Will it really hurt?
Do you lose anything?
Do you lose your shirt?

Off your back
Off you mind
Area of tolerable conflict
You know it
It’s your kind

Do you really lose
By going for the sky?
What will they think of you?
Their dreams only die

A dream with a mission
It’s a changing fire
Is in your hands
To a lifelong stand

I stand for the best of
My hopes and my dreams
I stand for my greatness
All that I’ve seen
I stand for all of
My hopes and desires
Creation is a part of me
Life brings to the fire

Dream the impossible dream
You are all that you seem
Live a created dream
Feel it ring through your being

Dream the impossible dream
You never ever lose
Dream the impossible dream
Freedom on the loose

On the run
On the run
So fun, so fun
Run with it, so fun

Free at last
Free at last
Thank me almighty
I’m free at last

I choose to live my visions


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