Earthling Reborn

(Be of this World)
© September 23, 2011 Greg DiMase

(# 156)

I choose to Be Of This World
It’s the place where I was born
It’s the place where all of us live now
No need to fight each other and be torn

Participate here
Be right here
Come together right here
Be an Earthling here … reborn

If you separate yourself from us
Into your own heavenly group
If you remove yourself mentally from this world
Don’t treat the rest of us like infidel soup

Why not participate here fully?
Try being here fully
Come together 100% fully
Be an Earthling here reborn

Conceive of the idea
Gestate the goal
Give birth to the new you
Without fragmenting yourself – so remain whole

Giving up on fully living here
For some pie-in-the-sky promise
Could be a cop-out for experiencing
Life at its very fullest

If you’re not of this world
Or barely participating
Justified belief-bigotry or indifference
Will be your claim to partial living

Conceive of this idea
To no belief system you are sworn
Time to join in the Earthly family
Be of this World now
An Earthling reborn