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Get Up and Ride

01-23-2006 (#140)
© 2006 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Get up
Get up and ride now, misters
Get up
Get up and ride for what it’s worth
Get up
Get up and ride now, sisters
Get up and ride your life today

Don’t give me a sob-kinda story
Don’t bother me with your complaints
Get up, get up and ride now, people
Get up, before it’s too late

(Your life is worth it)
I don’t want a human couch potato
(Your life can be great)
I don’t want some lazy fuck sleeping late
(Your life is too short now)
Don’t sass-talk, ass-talk, back-talk me
(Get up, before it’s too late)
Else you’ll be sorry and late

Get up and ride your life to the fullest
Get up and ride your mate
Get up and ride wild horses
Get up and take the stake

It’s only what you make of it
It’s only YOUR choice
Get up and ride, little mister
Get up and speak with your own voice
(Make it your choice)

Don’t let them tell you
How to think and what to say
It’s your life – your way
So get up and ride your own way

Get up and ride, all you sisters
Get up; motivate your men to be great
Get up and ride, women of the world
Get up and don’t leave it to fate

Get up
Get up and ride now, people
Get up
Get up and ride your life now
Get up
Get up and ride now, people
Get up
You already know how

(spoken) Here, let me motivate you

Get up
Get up and ride her, mister
Get up
Let’s do this together now
Get up
Get up now and do it
Get up
Get up before it’s too late

Feel the passion growing
I know you can’t wait
To get up and ride now, people
Let’s see how you rate



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