05-17-1985 (#108)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Ghost comes creeping
Floating through the walls
Ghost comes seeking
Screaming down the halls

Trapped in a whirl wind
Lost in a time zone
Twilight of another reality
It may never leave you alone

Do you know you’re dead?
Do you know you exist?
What’s it like in your mind?
I see you in the mist

A trickling in time
Story from the past
Do you relive the episode?
How long will it last?

Ghost comes weeping
Haunting a memory
Ghost comes seeking
What do you really see?

I release you from this place
Go on to the next life
Your body has long been dead
It’s time to end this strife
Move on
Move on
Progress to the infinite positive
Go on to the next life