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06-23-1983 (#46)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Hey, hey, girl
Haven’t seen you in a while
Glad to see you’re changing
I kinda like your smile

You’ve grown up
I can see it in your style
Just a mature woman
Not a grown up child

See it in your eyes
See it in your style
You’ve really done it
You’ve walked the miracle mile
You changed your life
You turned it around
I can see it in your style now
I can see it in your smile

Yeah, I like what I see
Oh yes, I like what you say
Attitude adjustment, baby
I’d like to spend the day
Let’s walk that miracle mile
I really like your smile

Yeah, yeah, girl
It’s been a long,
Long time
Yes, young lady
I really like
Your mind


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