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Good Child

12-24-1987 (#125)
© 1987 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s a good child
That we’ve created
It’s a good child
One that won’t wait
It’s a good child
Savior of the morning
A good child
Child of the mate

Savior of the morning
Born of a rising sign
Savior of the night time
In the nick of time
Savior of the evening
Savior of my life
Light of the world now
Life of the light

The Force it doeth
And damn
It doeth well
It raises me up now
Up from a limited hell

It’s a perfect child
That I’ve created
Giving birth now
Freedom on the run
It’s a good child
From what I mated
Giving life now
Life to the infinite “son”

The Force moveth
And yes
It moveth well
It flows straight from me
Healing the infinite hell

It’s a good child
That is created
It’s a good child
One that is great
Born of the eternal sun now
Born with the eternal mate

Merge now
Union is the key
Conceive the infinite son now
Conceive the extension
That is me
It’s a good child
To be created
Savior of the light
Savior to be created
Created with the eternal wife
It’s a good child
That was created
Created from a creative life
Immaculate conception
Consummate the eternal bride now
Make love to the eternal wife


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