Guitarist Dream

07-21-1983 (#79)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Do you hear me talking
Through my guitar?
Let the music lift you
Let it take you far

I play with my soul
I play it with strings
Down in my heart now
Until the amplifier rings

Guitarist dream
Guitarist night
What it means to be seen
Out in the spotlight
Flashing those sounds
Splashing those sights
Playing my music now
Long into the night

I’d like to play
All night long
I’d like to talk to you
Through my song

Feel the strumming
Feel it in your soul
Feel that music now
Feel that rock and roll

Guitarist dream
Guitarist flight
How it feels to be
In the bright lights
Splashing those sounds
Flashing those sights
Playing my guitar now
All day and all night