07-04-1983 (#58)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

“Say baby.”
“Say baby.”
“Say rock and roll.”

Come on up here
We’ll heal you with our music
Step up to the stage now
Healing rocking music

You know why you’re here
You’ve come to see us play
Play that rock and roll music
Play it night and day

Heal you
Healing rock-roll music
Healed you
Healing, pounding music
I say heal you
Feel it healing now
Heal you
Don’t you feel it now?

We’re going to work it through you
We‘ll get that demon out
In the name of rock and roll music
Get up
Get up and shout!

I say heal
Heal you with our music
I say feel
Feel it in our music
Healing rock-roll music
Heal it now
Healing pounding music


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