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[Dedicated to a quarter of a century]
08-07-1983 (#101)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I know what I’m up against
It’s only myself
I see what it’s all about
Like a book on a shelf

See behind the meaning
Light the dark side of the moon
Read behind the feeling
Caught in the open at high-noon

I know where I’ve come from
It’s only my future
I see where I’ll be
Far into my past

Read in front of the meaning
Know the meaning of the tune
See beside the feeling
Out in the open at high-noon

I know what I’m up against
It’s always been myself
I can see what it’s all about
I’ve read the book on the shelf

And if I ever get to be
Better than I ever could
Let’s say it’s just destiny
The best way that I should

See behind the dreaming
Light the dark side of the night
Feel behind the scheming
Getting ready to win the fight
Read beside the meaning
See the feeling of the tune
Lighting up the night now
Light it up like high-noon
Is the tune
To reach the moon
Will soon
Light the dark side of the moon


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