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High Velocity

01-03-1986 (#114)
© 1986 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

The energy is changed
I allow you to fill my life
You are a beautiful part of me
You are well within my sight

You’re high velocity
Speeding on the wind
Cutting through the night
Your touch is energetic
Your spirit is a beautiful sight

High velocity
High velocity
High on electricity
High on life

Merger is inevitable
Union is the key
Would you be willing
To secure a friendship with me?

We’re high velocity
Lightning of the sight
A universal wind
Dawning through the night

High velocity
High energy
High on infinity
High on life

Frequency is inevitable
Emanating is the key
Would you be willing
To secure a lifetime with me?

The energy is reversed
I allow myself to fill my life
I am a beautiful part of you
I am well within your sight


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