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Hope the Best For

12-24-1987 (#126)
© 1987 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Hope the best for
Everyone and everything
Give the best for
Your life long dream

Hope the best of
Every process that you see
Live the best of
Every future you could be

I hope and I pray for
Eternal abundance to you
I hope and I long for
Processes true to you
I hope and I give you
Something to use
I hope and I long for
Eternal love to you

Hope the best for
Every person that you see
Recognize their perspective
Give hope to the seed

Hope the best for
Every reflection that you see
Hope the best for
What I am
And what I’ll be

Hope the best for
Your actions and your dreams
Give the best for
Manifestations of your dreams

I hope and I see
Eternal abundance for you
Love is eternal
Eternal love then
For you
I hope and I long for
Smooth sailing for you
Passage that is fluid
Least resistance for you
I hope and I give you
A tool then to use
Hope the best for
Things true to you


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