I Am That – I Am!

I Am That – I Am!

[Dedicated to everything, just in case]
05-21-1985 (#110)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Creation started
An infinite light year ago
It came from our mind
All we needed was to know

I am that – I am!
I am that – I am!
I can – I am!
It’s in the palm of your hand
I am, I am

We were crystallized
Manifested on the material plane
In our own image
In our own name

From the beginning
You’ll find yourself to the end
We’re all one entity
A wholeness you can depend

Infinite negative
To infinite positive
We’re all connected together
We feel everything live
Everything that you give
I am that – I am!
We all can – we can!
Become part of the oneness
Say, I am that – I am!

We are everything – we are!
No matter how close
No matter how far
We are that – we are!
I am that – I am!
We all can – we can!
Come take my hand
Say, I am a part of you
I am – I am!

Separateness is an illusion
You create everything around you
You control your own confusion

Whatever you put out
It’ll come back in someway
Everything is relative
Be positive in what you think
And say

I am everything – I am!
Crystallized white light
An infinite flood
Crystallized liquid light
Manifested love

Liquid light
Oh, yes
A part of all you see
Liquid light
So right
A part of you and me
We’re but a crystallization
A firmament in the water
An infinite eternity
All of us are a part of you
And you are a part of me

Liquid light
So right
An infinite part of me
Wide open
So tight
Play it in a symphony

Cosmic frequency
Life from the whole
Eternal electricity
Pure love
Pure soul
It’s you
And it its me