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I Want a Love

05-01-1986 (#116)
© 1986 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I want a love
Based on mind
Based on heart
Not on looks or performance
Not on how well you start

Start me up
Get it going good
What’s it like when we’re finished?
Can we communicate like we should?

True love
True desire
Based on love
Not just the fire
No more deception
No more lies
Give me a deep love feeling
Not just another rise

I caress your mind
I caress your heart
You accept my love
This relationship has made its mark
Caress our love
Caress our minds
Start us up
We’ve been so kind
Kind of love
Kind of soul
Kind of feeling
To give and to hold

I want a love
Based on heart
Based on mind
How will you respond?
Will you be kind?

I know you are out there
At least I hope I feel
Please help me to find you
Make this life time dream real


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