I Want a Partner

05-14-1985 (#106)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I want a partner
Someone I can trust
A friend
A lover
A part of me
Someone who can love and lust

Eye to eye
Mind to mind
Heart to heart
It’s hard to find
Thought to thought
Soul to soul
An equal valid relationship
Someone I can hold

I want a loving affinity
With the partner of our choice
A perfectly balanced friendship
An equal intelligent voice

Eye to eye
Heart to heart
Side by side
A basis to start
Love to love
Toe to toe
I want a compatible partner
That much I know

Let us exchange visions
Let us change our lives
Perfect balanced harmony
Every day and every night

Heart to heart
Mind to mind
Perfectly equal partnership
Definitely one of a kind
Soul to soul
Eye to eye
A growth encounter
I certainly would like to try

An equal basis
An equal start
Straight from the beginning
Straight from the heart

Body to body
Mind to mind
Soul to soul
Side by side
Someone to love
With someone who will try