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I’d Pick the Sun

07-28-1983 (#96)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Soak up energies of light
Absorb the energies from the sun
Light is the basis for sight
The sun is the basis for fun

I like all kinds of weather
I love the snow and the rain
But if I had to choose one
I’d pick the sun
And the fun
Any day

Get out into the light
Get out of your room
Go out and see the sights
Don’t stay in bed until noon

I like all kinds of climate
Like a forest in the rain
I like the four seasons
I can take them mild or untame
But if I had to choose only one
I’d pick the sun
And the fun
Any day

Even at night
Clear weather is always fun
But if there was only one choice
I’d rather have the sun


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