Internal Force

01-02-1986 (#113)
© 1986 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Surrounded by internal walls
Got to get it
Get it out now
Moon on the rise
See it in the stars
It’s an internal force
Break down those internal walls now

Eternal force
Let it be internal now
Create the power
Create the life
Eternal control
Let the light shine through now

Nothing is external
I’m in full control
Burst it inside out
Set free the eternal soul

Bathe my spirit
Cleanse my being
Give me positive life
Give me perfect seeing

I see through the wall
As it begins to fall
Internal wall
Falls to a spiritual call

Call to my heart
Call to my being
Call to my mind
Call to my feelings

Internal force is free
Touching everything of me
Everything you see
Was already a part of me