Knowing You’re Gone

Thanks for verifying my intuition — which came to me shortly before I proposed to you years ago and you gladly accepted, and then again when you decided to stay in your destined-to-fail marriage, and finally recently when you told me you were getting a divorce and you abruptly turned away from me — that no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try — I’ll never be married to you. I didn’t want to believe it and I had to pursue the possibility that my intuition was incorrect. However, you succeeded in proving my intuition virtually correct. There is only one event now that will completely exonerate you in my mind, but I have doubts it will ever happen.


Knowing You’re Gone

05-14-2011 (#155)

I finally realized yesterday
That you’re definitely and completely gone
I figured I’d immortalize it
By writing this song

Even though you’ve been gone
For too long now already
I finally determined now
That you’re really gone
Gone for sure now already

I didn’t want to believe it
Almost a year ago and since then all along
That you would ever want to leave
Leave me writing this type of song

It’s already been close to a year
Back when you secretly said so long
The only clues I had
Were watching you turn away
And your heart moving along

You left on a receding angle
And close to six months ago you turned
Completely and abruptly away from me
I should have accepted that then and learned

That you were long, long gone
Already gone for so long
Wishing you had said something way back before then
Even a simple well-wishing so-long

I might have retained
Some respect for you
But you told me nothing and treated me badly
So, now I’m completely disappointed with you

We could have been great friends
And even life-long wonderful lovers
But you coldly killed all that for me
Right now I want to ignore you forever

At least I have the decency
To say good bye
Good bye to you in this song
So, good bye
Bad bye
I’m gone
So long

You’re on your own now regarding me.