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11-10-1996 (#137)
© 1996 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

So many misconceptions
Acquired in one life
How to balance love and lust
How to balance life

I see what I must learn
I see it every day
Work out the old habits
Send them on their way

I thought I learned this once before
Maybe in another life
I thought I dreamed this all before
I thought I had it right

Right to live
Right to know
Right to give
Right to show

The lesson returns
It hits me in the face
I have to learn it this time
I have to run the race

I start a new foundation
I start it from the ground
I have to make it fit my life
I’ve got to make it sound

We have the power to heal ourselves
We have the power to grow
We have the power to be ourselves
That much I know


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