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Let It Out

07-20-1983 (#78)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Well it’s all said and done
But do you feel the same?
Have you got it all out?
Is it a new game?

Dig deep inside of you
Get the crud out
Scream from inside of you
Turn it about

Check all the signs
Are the feelings fake?
Your life could slip away
From one small mistake

Dig deep inside of you
Get every speck out
It’ll try to run away
Just rope it about

You’ve got to
Feel it
You’ve got to
Let it out now
I said you’ve got to
Feel it
Come on and
Shout now
You’re going to
Feel it
Feel it in your
Heart now
Come on and
Reel it
You’ve got to know how to
Rock now
Come on and
Roll it
Handle any
Shock now
Come on and
Show it
Reel it
Rock it
Roll it now


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