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Look What You’re Doing

05-22-1984 (#102)
© 1984 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Into the inky blackness
My soul do I creep
Farther into my past now
My mind it does seek
A meaning to all this madness
Grab my soul set it free

Put in bounds
Locked it all up
Shut it down
Making a strut
Look what you’re doing
Now, pretty lady
Breaking us up
You’re driving me crazy

Back into the recesses
My mind I do find
Memories and feelings
All of a different kind
What will we ever do now?
What can we ever say?
We’ll grow apart forever now
All on a different day

We put our love in chains
We locked it all up
Whatever will remain
I’m sure we’ll get a cut
Look what you’re doing
Now, pretty lady
Making a change
My dreams are getting hazy

Look what I’m doing
Now everybody
Out on my own now
Isn’t it funny?

Feeling better now
Gettin’ a little horny
Find a pretty lady
Why don’t you show me
All the tricks you have now
Go ahead and floor me
Feeling better now
Now that you know me
It’s all in the head now
You were the one that showed me

Feeling better now


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