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Monkey See Monkey Do

05-21-1985 (#109)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Do wha ditty
Ditty ditty do da
Do wha do ditty
Do wha ditty ditty do

Monkey see monkey do
Habit force of habit
Monkey knows no right or wrong
It’s just habit perpetual habit

Notice the children
See how they imitate
All your emotions
Everything from love to hate

They copy your actions
They copy your moves
They imitate mannerisms
Society has lit the fuse

Monkey see monkey do
Duplicated habit
It all seems so true
Monkey see monkey do
And we all knew
Forced on habit
It created me and you
Spoon-fed like a rabbit
Do wha ditty ditty do
Monkey see monkey do wha ditty ditty do


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