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My Body

© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-08-1983 (#25)

My body has been
A lot to me
It has gotten me through this life so far
My body will be
A temple, you see
Treated like a classic car

I work it out
I keep it in shape
I give it plenty of rest
I care about
The tell of the tape
I want it to be at its best

My body will be
All it can be
It will get me through the rest of my years
My body, you see
Means a lot to me
It takes the brunt of all my loves and fears

I work it out
I keep it in shape
I really do my best
I’ve got health-attitude-clout
I cut the red tape
It’ll be long time before I put it to rest

My body is, you see
All it was brought up to be
I’ll pick another after this life has passed
My body will be
Just another rotting sea
After I’ve kicked myself out on my ass


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