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New Ideas

06-25-1983 (#50)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s funny
When you find something
You want to tell the world
Good feelings
When you tell everything
But it’s your own personal world

Most people won’t understand
Others won’t even care
A few will grab hold of your hand
The rest will just stop and stare

It’s a good feeling
It feels so right
It’s definitely a part of me
A new beginning
A new light
How can I let others see?

Most people don’t understand
Others don’t even care
Some will grab hold of your hand
The rest will just stand and stare

People are
Afraid of changing
And of new ideas in this world
They’re content
With never rearranging
It’s a boring, plastic world

Most people don’t understand
Others never ever care
Maybe one will grab hold of your hand
Let the others just stand and stare


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