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12-24-1987 (#124)
© 1987 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

From the illusion of separateness
I accept your existence
As a direct extension of you
It’s all I can do

Oneness is elusive
In a material kind of way
Separateness is an illusion
In an infinite type of way

You flow from within me
You flow from without
You flow out from me
In an infinite kind of shout

Shout it from a planet
Shout it from a tree
From a light-year expanse of galaxy
From an atom
To me

Oneness is eternal
In a loving kind of way
Aloneness seems endless
In a material kind of day

Separateness is a rule
In a contrived game sort of way
Play the game
Plan to win
Want it all
It’s no sin

From the illusion of separateness
I accept the growth
As a direct extension of you
It’s all I can do

Oneness is inevitable
In a pre-planned sort of way
Oneness is eternal
Dawn of a new day


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