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Perfect Try

11-24-1986 (#118)
© 1986 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I was born
From the light of my self
I was born
From the light of my self
I was born
From the light of my self
Born, born
From the light of my self

As my higher self
By the might of my self
From the love of my self
Forever changing
In the light of my self

One word
One pure thought
Of my higher self
I was born
From the light of myself
Light of my world
My infinite self

When there is balance
There is creation
A perfect love
A manifestation

Born from opposites
At a perfect center
We made love
Love from our center

Hail the god within me
From goddess love
Between me

All the stars in my eyes
Are but the stars
In all my heavens

We are gods of the system
Born from the light of ourselves
We are all born
From the light of our selves
A perfect try
Ascending to our higher self


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