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Radical Bends

07-07-1984 (#104)
© 1984 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Totally twisted
Little sister
So far gone
I knew I missed her

Left in the night
Left on a whim
Left on her own
Left it for him

You’re giving me
Radical bends
Up to the end
I thought you were a friend
Without radical bends
Radical bends
Radical bends
They’ll get you in the end
Those radical bends

I put out my tracers
Oh, where did she go?
Could I really face her?
Will I ever know?

She left in the night
Left on her own
She left me no light
She left me alone

I’m driving on
Radical bends
Down to the end
And now I’ve lost a friend
Who’s got radical bends
Radical bends
Radical bends
They got us in the end
You and your radical bends
Oh, no I say
Radical bends
Radical bends
You took it to the end
With your radical bends


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