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Raging Glory

[Dedicated to our Earth]
09-09-1989 (#133)
© 1989 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Let the planet sing
Let the sky rejoice
Let freedom reign
At the top of your voice

Planet Earth
At the peak of her glory
Perfect balance
Raging glory

Planet Earth
Let’s write the story
Perfect enhancement
Peaceful glory

Glorify the vision
Give fire to the sight
I see a wonderful planet
Bathed in love-light

And sight
It’s right
So tight
Let us write
The night
It’s right
Peaceful glory
Raging glory
We write
Her story

Reach within you
Pull it out
What do you really want?
Does it make you shout?

Peaceful glory
Let us tame her story
Raging glory
Earth is the story


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