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Rainbow in the Dark

06-22-1983 (#44)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

From red to purple
A rainbow
It tells my life
It tells me what I’ve learned
It tells me day and night
Rainbow in the dark
Rainbow in my life
It tells me through the years now
It tells me of my life

Oh ho, beautiful colors
My, my, shining so bright
Oh ho, beautiful lifetime
Getting those colors right

Colors, colors
Every where
A rainbow every night
They tell you what you’ve learned
It’ll tell you day and night
Greens and reds
Blues and whites
They talk to you
Talk until you get it right

Oh, ho, beautiful colors
Each one means something
My, my, lighting up the night
Oh, how you make me sing
Oh, ho, beautiful colors
My, my, shining so bright
Oh, yes, beautiful lifetime
Getting those colors right


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