Rules of the Game

05-14-1985 (#107)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s a game
This thing called life
Rules of the game
You’ve got to play them right

In and out of love
In and out of life
In and out of everything
We’ve done it more than twice

First rule is
Find all the other rules
Nobody said it would be easy
There are an infinite number of tools

Next, have the desire
Clear the way for progress
You deserve everything
Everything there is, you possess

Be positive
Be positive
Everything you say
Pure positive
Perfect positive
Live it every day
In and out of love
In and out of life
Pure unrestricted positives
You make the change
You make your own life
You control your reality
You control your own dice

Every throw is perfect
You’ve thrown them more than twice
It’s a game
It’s your life
Rules of the game
Rules of life