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Saving Myself and You

06-16-2008 (#149)
© 2008 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Saving myself
I am able to
Saving you
I put it on the table too
Only you can feast
Only you can defeat
The chaos in your life
I am just here to help and understand
What you go through
What you prove
What you change
It’s your life

Reveal your innermost thoughts
It’s not a crime
But a gift
To trust
To know
To love the being that you are
What you can be
What you might have been

Reveal your innermost desires
Can I help you light the fire?
It’s not a crime
But a shift
To know
The real you

Saved myself
Now I am able
To help in saving you
I put it on your table
Only you can feast and drink
Only you can defeat and think
For yourself

The chaos in your life
I’m just here to help you understand
What you’ve been going through
What only you can prove to yourself
It’s time to make your stand

What you change
What you rearrange
It’s within your grasp
Just reach
Just enjoy
Just be yourself

It’s your life
I am here to help


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