Scoreless With a Tilt

06-27-1983 (#51)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s no longer validated
Transmission has just expired
Feelings are over rated
I’m just too damn tired

Burned out
Washed up
Take it to the hilt
No clout
Times up
Scoreless with a tilt

Everything has been terminated
As far as it goes with you
You’ve been infiltrated, excavated
Everything I’ve found is true

You really meant to do it
You knew it all the time
You grabbed hard at the bit
You made them turn on a dime

Burned up
Knocked out
Stick it to the hilt
Times up
Turned about
Smash down what you built

This visa has just expired
The book is way over due
You’ve just been fired
You’ve gotta one more cementa shoe

Burned out
Knocked out
Drag it through the silt
Times up
Washed up
Scoreless with a tilt


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