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Sex Games

© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-19-1983 (#38)

Kinky little games
I love to play with you
Sleazy little names
You love to play them too

Turn you over
Let’s do it again
Crazy little lover
It’s never where or when

Sex games
Sex games
Long into the night
Sex games
New names
Even in broad daylight
We reach our limit
We take it to the top
Lovely little lover
You say, “Please don’t stop!”

Excitable little lady
You always do it right
Kinky little baby
Damn, you’re so tight

You rub me the right way
I love to touch you too
You always know what to say
Let’s try something new

Sex games
Sex games
You call me in the night
Never tame
You moan my name
Even in broad daylight
We climb the limit
We make it at the top
Lovely sexy lover
I hope it will never stop


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