Should We Wait

07-16-1983 (#72)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

So many questions
To answer in one life
So many things
To do in one night

How do we start
When it’s already begun?
How do we make
Life into fun?

How do we begin?
Should we wait?
When do we start
To change this fate?
Every move we make
Every word we say
They mold our lives
They mold our fate

So many dreams
To dream in one night
So many things
To do in one life

To make a start
Or has it begun?
Can we really make
The negatives into fun?

When should we begin?
Or should we wait?
How do we start
To end this fate?
Every move we’ve made
Every word we make
Are they alive now?
Is it just fate?