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Shout It From A Mountain

© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-01-1983 (#3)

You came into my life
Without even a whisper
You came into my life
You made me prosper

I’m growing from within
It grows from without
Without your love, baby
I’d have to shout

Shout it from a mountain
Shout if from a tree
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of the sea
You keep me going
Let’s wait and see
Take me to the mountain
Let me hang it in a tree

If I keep growing, darlin’
Can you accept the change?
If I grow out of your life
Can you rearrange?

Shout it from a mountain
Let’s fly and be free
Let’s watch it grow
Let’s watch it be
You keep me going
Let’s wait and see
Take me to the mountain
Let me plant a new tree


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