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Slick Sassy Woman

07-04-1983 (#59)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

You’re so slick
So sassy
You’ve got me on the run
Just lick
My chassis
Damn, you’re so fun

Slick sassy woman
I met you in the night
We both knew what we wanted
Knew how to get it right

Because you’re slick
Damn sassy
We’re playing in the sun
No kick
Just classy
You’re my number one

Slick sassy woman
You’re so slick
Assy sassy woman
Just slick
Lick it just right now
So slick
You do it so tight now

Slick sassy woman
I met you in the night
We both knew what we wanted
We knew that it was right


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